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LG G5 Modular Smatphone Februari 2018

we all know much about phones are coming at some point Googles working on themwe seem to have fun but it was jean has got its the LG five panic is untrueMargiela phone just as the rumors were telling us it has a magic slots not theLG accordion magics lot but it is indeed quite magic crystal button at thesitepush that and modeling the bottom separates by about a millimeter he giveit a target and outcomes very big battering and modular stick to thebottom and left a big hole in the bottom of your throatnow oMG hes going to make different models which then add functionality eghigh and this is how it worksnever taken a fire department or youre gonna get the opportunity to refine thebattery from this partyou then take your battery and your new model and you clipped together so youhave this again he takes us back and then you have a new model on the backadding functionality is a true modular light of this is the Elgin and plus andit has an extra camera module fun game makes it easier to hold a camera biggrip on the site on the top here you have a record month for the video youhave a two-stage shutter for the camera and which is soon control and we cancome back to the camera stuff in harga smartphone lg g5 lite just a second but again to get rid of thismoderately once I get offyou just use this box side hereunclear but it turned out it cumsand thats it thats how you use a modular Smart buy nowhow would you rate the chain has created for the first time in its historymetal bodied and even noticed that there are no antenna like this is a reallycool thing they ought to be thinking pretty quiet abouttell us the secret but its something called my criticizing and this is asystem that covers over the antenna bounce in  events are in theresomewhere just we cant say the saudis not revealing the way does this becauseapparently its the only ones for now were pretty excited about that but itcertainly does a really clean finish on the phone just one youre looking atareas pink and theyre doing several other colors are black and white nowweve been looking at the back of your seat as a fingerprint sensor in thecenter and the good thing is he hasnt lost that really controlling power soits still a box well much like they tend to be pleased about that the volumecontrols harder and now you see the top there are two camera lenses as a resultit said againcamera phone sex you havecolor spectrum lashed out at least two camera lenses arent stereoscopic youdont get a d camera they were in a very different manneryoure going to seelatest well thats another thing when youre on click these modules it turnsthe phone off and you dont have to switch the phone back on so you knowits not gonna be something you want to do every five minutes because youregonna be endlessly restart definitely something to think about while the funkstarting up . inch screen larger than the little bit smaller rather than shehas the same resolution that it is much brighter nine hundred and take it to thebeach and it will be super bright lets have a look at the camera now that timehas started up again lets round so you can see an exciting place where weretesting out at the moment this is using US standard camera lenses at seizing thesingle normal regular camera lens cap and you get a wide image that season thesecond camera back to start at just to see the difference again and its  and degrees human I apparently is a hundred twenty degreesanalog inside that pretty great its also quite nice to use it but definitelythe Camrys again really exciting she thoughtgoing back to the standard specs it assigns this dragon points around some more good news is that despite it being hijacked yourphone to add more storage to the  points memory final thing now Android. marshmallow and if we shift here youll notice a distinct lack of an aptright and thats because thats because as completely removed an interesting andprobably controversial decision along very rarely do we see mainstreammanufacturers but youll see here for simplicity sake and were not sureyou can read a full hands-on report very cool new energy she  Digital Trendsright now

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